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Robust Stability Condition and Analysis on Steady-State Tracking Errors of Repetitive Control Systems

Tae-Yong Doh and Jung Rae Ryoo
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 6, no. 6, pp.960-967, 2008

Abstract : This paper shows that design of a robustly stable repetitive control system is equivalent to that of a feedback control system for an uncertain linear time-invariant system satisfying the well-known robust performance condition. Once a feedback controller is designed to satisfy the robust performance condition, the feedback controller and the repetitive controller using the performance weighting function robustly stabilizes the repetitive control system. It is also shown that we can obtain a steady-state tracking error described in a simple form without time-delay element if the robust stability condition is satisfied for the repetitive control system. Moreover, using this result, a sufficient condition is provided, which ensures that the least upper bound of the steady-state tracking error generated by the repetitive control system is less than or equal to the least upper bound of the steady-state tracking error only by the feedback system.

Keyword : Least upper bound, repetitive control, robust performance, robust stability, steady-state tracking error, uncertain linear time-invariant system.

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