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Carrier Tracking Loop using the Adaptive Two-Stage Kalman Filter for High Dynamic Situations

Kwang-Hoon Kim, Gyu-In Jee and Jong-Hwa Song
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 6, no. 6, pp.948-953, 2008

Abstract : In high dynamic situations, the GPS carrier tracking loop requires a wide bandwidth to track a carrier signal because the Doppler frequency changes more rapidly with time. However, a wide bandwidth allows noises within the bandwidth of the tracking loop to pass through the loop filter. As these noises are used in the numerical controlled oscillator (NCO), the carrier tracking loop of a GPS receiver shows a degraded performance in high dynamic situations. To solve this problem, an adaptive two-stage Kalman filter, which offers the NCO a less noisy phase error, can be used. This filter is based on a carrier phase dynamic model and can adapt to an incomplete dynamic model and a quickly changed Doppler frequency. The performance of the proposed tracking loop is verified by several simulations.

Keyword : Adaptive Kalman filter, carrier tracking loop, GPS receiver, high dynamic.

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