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Efficient Eye Location for Biomedical Imaging using Two-level Classifier Scheme

Mi Young Nam, Xi Wang, and Phill Kyu Rhee*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 6, no. 6, pp.828-835, 2008

Abstract : We present a novel method for eye location by means of a two-level classifier scheme. Locating the eye by machine-inspection of an image or video is an important problem for Computer Vision and is of particular value to applications in biomedical imaging. Our method aims to overcome the significant challenge of an eye-location that is able to maintain high accuracy by disregarding highly variable changes in the environment. A first level of computational analysis processes this image context. This is followed by object detection by means of a two-class discrimination classifier (second algorithmic level).We have tested our eye location system using FERET and BioID database. We compare the performance of two-level classifier with that of non-level classifier, and found it’s better performance.

Keyword : Biomedical imaging, eye location, two-level classifier, image context.

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