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Noise Estimation based on Standard Deviation and Sigmoid Function Using a Posteriori Signal to Noise Ratio in Nonstationary Noisy Environments

Soo-Jeong Lee and Soon-Hyob Kim
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 6, no. 6, pp.818-827, 2008

Abstract : In this paper, we propose a new noise estimation and reduction algorithm for stationary and nonstationary noisy environments. This approach uses an algorithm that classifies the speech and noise signal contributions in time-frequency bins. It relies on the ratio of the normalized standard deviation of the noisy power spectrum in time-frequency bins to its average. If the ratio is greater than an adaptive estimator, speech is considered to be present. The propose method uses an auto control parameter for an adaptive estimator to work well in highly nonstationary noisy environments. The auto control parameter is controlled by a linear function using a posteriori signal to noise ratio (SNR) according to the increase or the decrease of the noise level. The estimated clean speech power spectrum is obtained by a modified gain function and the updated noisy power spectrum of the time-frequency bin. This new algorithm has the advantages of much more simplicity and light computational load for estimating the stationary and nonstationary noise environments. The proposed algorithm is superior to conventional methods. To evaluate the algorithm's performance, we test it using the NOIZEUS database, and use the segment signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and ITU-T P.835 as evaluation criteria.

Keyword : Noise reduction, noise estimation, speech enhancement, sigmoid function.

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