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Stabilization Control for Spacecraft-manipulator System After Capturing Tumbling Target

Rui Chang, Qingxuan Jia, and Ming Chu*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 11, pp.3706-3717, 2022

Abstract : "Non-cooperative target capturing is a great challenge for space robots among space tasks, because of the difficulty of target detumbling and base stability maintaining, which increasing the requirements for the control performances of the attitude control systems. In this paper, a contact force model combining an optimized Hertz’s model and the LuGre friction model is established, to estimate the contact force without additional sensors. And a novel control methodology for stabilization control of space robot based on an adaptive backstepping nonsingular fast integral terminal sliding mode control (ABNFITSMC) is developed, which significantly improve the convergence speed and satisfied the requirements of robustness of the complex system after capturing. First, the fully controllable dynamic model of the free-flying (no position control) space robot is established by using the Lagrange method. Then, the contact force between the end effector (gripper) and the target is analyzed by combining modified Hertz model and the LuGre friction model. Finally, a novel nonsingular fast integral terminal sliding mode (NFITSM) surface is proposed, so a finite-time convergence, non-singularity, fast transient response, precise trajectory tracking, robustness with uncertainties and disturbances is achieved. Then, an adaptive control law is used to approximate the upper bound value of the disturbance and uncertainties, and a backstepping control method is employed to guaranty the global asymptotic stability of the control system. The numerical simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can stable the attitude of the space robot in a quick limited time, and reduce the chattering significantly compared to the traditional sliding surface, the results demonstrates the superior performance of the proposed approach., and proves the feasibility of its application in non-cooperative target capturing task. "

Keyword : "Contact force model, nonsingular fast integral terminal sliding mode (NFITSM), space robot, target capturing. "

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