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Driver Preview Model with Dual Far-near Points for Autonomous Vehicles

Rongrong Xu, Zezheng Huang, Weihua Li*, Xuewen Geng*, Jianfeng Wang, and Dianbo Ren
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 11, pp.3650-3665, 2022

Abstract : "This paper proposes a driver preview-based path-following controller to control both the lateral and longitudinal movements of a vehicle. First, a lateral tracking controller with two preview points is established by considering the displacement and heading errors of the two preview points: the far point, determined by the vehicle speed and fixed preview time, and the near point located at the center of the front axle. Depending on different parameters of the road input, the steering wheel angle is calculated, and different weights are assigned to the steering wheel angles corresponding to different road inputs. Next, a longitudinal tracking controller is established, which controls the vehicle velocity based on the road information of the far point. The control objects are the brake and accelerator pedals. Subsequently, the coupling of the lateral and longitudinal motion of the vehicle is analyzed, and an integrated longitudinal and lateral tracking controller is established. To verify the performance of the controller, the controller and vehicle model are established in Simulink and CarSim, respectively, to enable joint simulation. It is observed that the coupling is solved, and the near-point control makes the tracking error converge to zero and enhances the control effect. It demonstrates high adaptability and control accuracy of the proposed controller. "

Keyword : "Driver model, far and near points, path following control, preview control. "

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