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Guaranteed Cost Consensus for a Class of Fractional-order Uncertain Multi-agent Systems with State Time Delay

Liping Chen*, Xiaomin Li, Ranchao Wu, António M. Lopes, Xiang Li, and Min Zhu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 11, pp.3487-3500, 2022

Abstract : This work investigates the guaranteed cost leader-following consensus of a class of uncertain fractionalorder (FO) multi-agent systems (FOMASs) affected by state time delay. The leader and following group are exposed to norm-bounded time-varying parametric uncertainty and time-delay. A delay- and order-dependent consensus protocol is developed which guarantees robust stability of the controlled system and ensures that the effect of uncertainty on the system performance is below some prescribed index. The FO Razumikhin theorem and the linear matrix inequality approach are adopted to derive the method that can be applied to FOMASs with deterministic parameters. The analysis can be extended to distinct consensus problems for different types of FOMASs. Three numerical examples illustrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the approach.

Keyword : Delay-dependent, fractional-order, guaranteed cost consensus, multi-agent.

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