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Parametric Design for Proportional Plus Double Integral Controller with Applications to Tracking Control in Space Optical Communication

Tianyi Zhao and Guangren Duan*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 9, pp.2927-2936, 2022

Abstract : A complete parametric design approach is developed for a type of proportional plus double integral (P2I) controller. The proposed control law guarantees that the closed-loop system has the desired eigenstructure, and the output asymptotically tracks the ramp-type reference signal in the presence of ramp-type external disturbances. The proposed method is superior to the existing results in that it provides all degrees of freedom in design, which are further used to suppress the effects of other complicated time-varying disturbances and parameter perturbations by minimizing certain performance indices. The proposed method is applied to the high accuracy tracking control system design for satellite optical communication. Simulation results verify the superiority of the proposed method over the traditional proportional-integral (PI) controller.

Keyword : Asymptotic tracking, disturbance attenuation, proportional plus double integral controller, ramp-type reference signals, satellite optical communication.

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