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Sliding Mode-based Predictive Congestion Control in a Satellite Space Information Transmission Network

Sheng Liu, Di Wu*, and Lan-Yong Zhang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 8, pp.2523-2533, 2022

Abstract : A satellite information transmission network is different from a ground network. The link distance between the satellite and the ground is large, and the communication between them is affected by the ionosphere. The ground congestion control algorithm cannot provide fast and stable responses to short-term burst flows. Therefore, aiming at the problem of large propagation delays and the complex environments of satellite-to-ground links, this paper investigates the Vegas congestion mechanism of the Space Communication Protocol Standard Transport Protocol (SCPS-TP), incorporates the interference affecting satellite communication links into a discrete model, combines interference estimation with controller design, proposes a reaching law and sliding mode-based predictive control algorithm for satellite communication, and suggests the stability of the introduced algorithm. The simulation results demonstrate the anti-jamming ability of the proposed algorithm for addressing short-term burst flows, and the prediction mechanism of the algorithm improves the utilization of satellite network bandwidth.

Keyword : Satellite network, short-term burst interference, sliding mode control, Vegas congestion mechanism.

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