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Enhanced-coupling-based Tracking Control of Double Pendulum Gantry Cranes

Huaitao Shi, Fuxing Yao, Zhe Yuan*, Yunjian Hu, Ke Zhang, and Ling Fu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 7, pp.2260-2272, 2022

Abstract : Gantry cranes are mostly regarded as single pendulum models to research. However, gantry cranes will produce a double pendulum effect during the actual operation when the hook mass or cable length between the load and hook cannot be ignored. Aiming at the problems of working inefficiency, poor positioning accuracy and violent hook/load swing during the lifting process of gantry cranes, an enhanced-coupling-based tracking control method is proposed. By referring to a smooth tracking trajectory, the proposed method ensures that the trolley runs steadily. And by combining with the passivity analysis of the gantry crane system, a coupling signal, which enhances the relationship between system variables, is constructed. The system stability is proved strictly by Barbarat theorem and Lyapunov method. Experiments and simulations are performed to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed method. The final results reflect that the proposed method, which can not only ensure the precise positioning of the trolley, but also restrain and eliminate the system swings promptly, has excellent control performance. When the system parameters are changed or external disturbances are added, the proposed method can also obtain outstanding control performance and has excellent robustness. Not only does the proposed method provide an antiswing strategy for double pendulum underactuated gantry cranes, but also it provides a possibility for the research and development of the automatic driving of gantry cranes, which has great practical significance and application prospects.

Keyword : Double pendulum, Lyapunov method, nonlinear anti-swing, tracking control, underactuated cranes.

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