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Bipartite Fixed-time Consensus of Multi-agents System with Disturbance via Event-triggered Control

A-Hao Jiang, Xi-Sheng Zhan*, Tao Han, and Huai-Cheng Yan
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 7, pp.2249-2259, 2022

Abstract : This paper mainly investigates the bipartite fixed-time consensus problem with or without disturbances of multi-agent systems. Firstly, we propose a novel bipartite fixed-time consensus algorithm based on event-triggered mechanism. Secondly, we use Lyapunov stability theory to guarantee that all agents states can reach a consensus of bipartite fixed-time. Then, the fixed-time stability theory is used to estimate the settling time, which shows that the settling time has nothing to do with the initial state of all agents. Furthermore, it is proved that under this consensus protocol, no zeno behavior is occurred. Finally, two numerical examples are finally presented to illustrate the theoretical analysis correctness.

Keyword : Bipartite fixed-time consensus, disturbances, event-triggered mechanism, multi-agent systems.

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