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Model-free Adaptive Tracking Control for Networked Control Systems Under DoS Attacks and RTT Delays

Meng-Ying Su and Wei-Wei Che*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 7, pp.2222-2230, 2022

Abstract : The model-free adaptive secure tracking control (MFASTC) problem of nonlinear networked control systems is explored in this paper with the consideration of DoS attacks and RTT delays. In order to compensate for DoS attacks and RTT delays, a new estimate value dependent attack compensation mechanism is proposed and a network-based predictive delay compensation mechanism is employed. The data-based design method need not any model or structure information of the system, and only depends on input/output data. In addition, the MFASTC algorithm is proposed to guarantee the output tracking error being bounded in the sense of mean square. Finally, an example with comparisons is used to show the effectiveness of the new algorithm.

Keyword : "Compensation mechanism, DoS attacks, model-free adaptive secure tracking control, RTT delays. "

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