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Identification-based Adaptive Tracking Control of Uncertain Bistable Electromechanical Duffing Oscillator

Suresh Thenozhi and Antonio Concha*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 7, pp.2191-2201, 2022

Abstract : This paper presents a backstepping-based adaptive control design for bistable Duffing-Holmes oscillators. The system parameters are assumed to be uncertain, and the controller uses an adaptation rule to estimate them and to achieve an asymptotic tracking performance. The convergence of the tracking and parameter estimation errors is studied using the Contraction theory. The practical utility of the proposed control scheme is illustrated by applying it to a vibration energy harvester, modeled as a bistable Duffing oscillator, to increase its power level under various external excitations. Moreover, a procedure to increase the harvested energy by reducing the control effort is proposed. Simulation studies are carried out to show the validity and feasibility of the proposed controller.

Keyword : Backstepping design, bistable oscillator, contraction analysis, energy harvester, parameter identification.

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