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Real-time Parameter Updating and Path-following Control for Autonomous Vehicles on Slope Roads

Zhongchao Liang, Yidi Chen, and Jing Zhao*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 7, pp.2178-2190, 2022

Abstract : This paper proposes a path-following controller and a torque allocation strategy for a four-wheelindependent-drive (FWID) electric autonomous ground vehicle (EAGV) on the slope roads. To improve the realtime accuracy of the controller, a model-predictive-control (MPC) controller with a linear-parameter-varying (LPV) model is proposed to maintain the vehicle dynamic stability and follow the given path for the EAGV. By updating the parameters of the states, the proposed controller can minimize the effects of the unequal normal tire forces and the gravity components of the vehicle on the slope road. As a result, the desired trajectory of the lateral position, longitudinal position, yaw angle, and velocity can be tracked by controlling the front-wheel-steering angle and the driving torque of each wheel. Finally, the high-fidelity simulations have been implemented on the CarSim-Matlab platform, and the results show that the proposed LPV-MPC controller with the torque allocation strategy is effective to achieve the control targets.

Keyword : Autonomous vehicle, linear parameter varying (LPV), model predictive control (MPC), path following, slope terrain.

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