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Robust Charging and Discharging Coordination of Electric Vehicles with State Dynamics Uncertainties

Peng Wang, Suli Zou*, Jinhui Zhang, and Zhongjing Ma
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 7, pp.2120-2128, 2022

Abstract : "This article studies a class of electric vehicle (EV) charging and discharging coordination problems considering specific uncertainties involved in the dynamics of EV’s state of charge (SOC). A robust strategy is explored for EVs such that it is always feasible with respect to all the uncertainties. More specifically, based on the so-called robust positive invariant (RPI) set introduced by Bertsekas et al. to describe the effect of the disturbances, a deterministic optimization problem is formulated by removing the uncertainty part in the state dynamics. Then, based upon the implemented optimal solution to the formulated deterministic problem, design a decentralized coordination strategy which is shown to be feasible for all the uncertainties and guarantee the robust optimality. Furthermore, in order to reduce the conservatism and improve the robust optimality, a sequence of robust disturbance sets, instead of the RPI set, is applied for the underlying coordination problem with a fixed terminal time. Numerical simulations are presented to verify the developed results in this work. "

Keyword : Charging and discharging, electric vehicles, feasibility, robust MPC, robust positive invariant set, uncertainties.

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