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Dynamic Event-triggered Quantitative Feedback Control for Switched Affine Systems

Xiang Lu, Gang Jing, Hongyu Sun, Xinzheng Lyu, Anhao Wen, Yinjing Guo*, and Qunxian Zheng
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 6, pp.1861-1870, 2022

Abstract : This paper focuses on the design of a dynamic output feedback controller for switched affine systems under limited communication resources. Since the system states information is difficult to obtain, the dynamic output feedback switching function is considered to stabilize the switched affine system. Quantized output measurements are transmitted to the dynamic output feedback controller to reduce the communication load. In order to significantly reduce the sampling frequency, an event-triggering mechanism is introduced to detect the event periodically. By using Lyapunov stability theory and linear matrix inequality (LMI) technique, a set of dynamic output feedback gains together with a switching rule are designed assuring the global asymptotic stability of the desired equilibrium point. More specifically, the design conditions do not require that there exist a stable convex combination of the subsystems state-space matrix. Finally, a numerical example show the validity of the obtained results of this paper.

Keyword : Dynamic output feedback control, event-triggered control, quantization, switched affine systems.

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