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Anomaly Detection with GRU Based Bi-autoencoder for Industrial Multimode Process

Xinyao Xu, Fangbo Qin, Wenjun Zhao, De Xu*, Xingang Wang, and Xihao Yang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 6, pp.1827-1840, 2022

Abstract : The anomaly detection for multimode industrial process is a challenging problem, because the multiple operation modes present various main distributions of monitored variables, and the dynamic sequential characteristics exist within each operation mode. This paper proposes an anomaly detection method based on sequenceto-sequence gated recurrent units (SGRU). First, to better model both the cross-mode trends and mode-specific sequential characteristics, a main reconstruction module and residual reconstruction module are integrated to improve the ability to represent complex process. Both modules are implemented by SGRUs. Second, a reconstruction error prediction module is designed to estimate the mean values of mode-specific reconstruction errors, which helps to determine the more reliable alarm thresholds. Third, the two anomaly indicators are utilized to represent the deviation degree of monitored variables against the normal conditions, according to the statistical errors and biases of reconstructions, respectively. The effectiveness of the proposed method is validated on simulations with multimode process, and on the practical data set collected from the Cleaning-in-Place multimode process of an aseptic beverage filling line in a real factory.

Keyword : Anomaly detection, autoencoder, gated recurrent unit, multimode process.

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