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Design and Application of Hierarchical Multi-objective Predictive Control for Continuous Flow Stirred Tank Reactor

Fan Zhang*, Yi Zhang, and Yali Xue
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 5, pp.1500-1508, 2022

Abstract : In order to deal with various control objectives in process, such as economic and regulating preferences, the multi-objective predictive control (MOPC) is under investigation in this manuscript. The proposed method has the hierarchical structure: in the upper layer fuzzy control is devised for the compromise point of the process under multi-objective consideration at steady-state, which provides stability constraint for the MOPC; the formulated MOPC in the lower layer directly optimizes distance to the utopia point. The proposed fuzzy control based multiobjective predictive control can simultaneously reduce the computation burden and increase the multi-objective performance. Effectiveness and merits are verified on the typical continuous flow stirred-tank reactor process.

Keyword : Economic objective, fuzzy control, multi-objective predictive control, stability constraint.

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