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Fault-tolerant Bipartite Output Regulation of Linear Multi-agent Systems with Loss-of-effectiveness Actuator Faults

Jie Zhang, Da-Wei Ding*, Xinmiao Sun, and Xiangpeng Xie
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 5, pp.1473-1483, 2022

Abstract : In this paper, the fault-tolerant bipartite output regulation problem of linear multi-agent systems with two antagonistic subgroups and loss-of-effectiveness actuator faults has been solved by utilizing the output regulation theory. The aim of our study is to design a fault-tolerant controller such that bipartite tracking for the output of exosystem (also seen as the leader) in the presence of actuator faults can be achieved under a directed signed graph, where both collaboration and competition coexist in a multi-agent environment. Firstly, a simultaneous state and fault estimator is designed based upon local output estimation errors such that loss of actuator effectiveness of all followers can be accurately compensated. Then, a distributed adaptive exosystem observer is provided to obtain the information of exosystem since not all followers can directly access exosystem. By using the estimations of state, fault and exosystem, a new cooperative fault-tolerant bipartite output regulation framework with competitive interactions is eventually presented. Finally, we provide a numerical example to demonstrate the effectiveness of the designed fault-tolerant control law.

Keyword : Actuator faults, bipartite output regulation, fault-tolerant control, multi-agent systems.

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