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Proportional Integral Observer-based Consensus Control of Discrete-time Multi-agent Systems

Renyang You, Mingzhu Tang, Shenghui Guo*, and Guozeng Cui
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 5, pp.1461-1472, 2022

Abstract : The multi-agent consensus control is widely used in industrial application, such as industrial robot, satellite attitude control, etc. Therefore, this paper studies the consensus control problem of multi-agent systems. For discrete-time Lipschitz nonlinear multi-agent systems with unknown inputs, a consensus control algorithm based on proportional integral observer is proposed. Firstly, a proportional integral observer is designed for each subsystem to estimate the system states and unknown input signals simultaneously. Then, a consensus control protocol based on the system state estimation is designed, and H∞ technique is used to effectively suppress the unknown input signals. Furthermore, the gain matrices of the observer and consensus control are obtained by solving a linear matrix inequality. Finally, two simulation examples show the correctness and feasibility of the proposed method.

Keyword : "Consensus control, multi-agent systems, proportional integral observer, state estimation, unknown input estimation. "

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