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An Event-triggered Output Feedback Robust MPC Scheme for Timevarying System with Packet Loss and Bounded Disturbance

Hongchun Qu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 4, pp.1087-1098, 2022

Abstract : This paper is concerned with the event-triggered output feedback robust model predictive control (RMPC) for time-varying discrete-time systems via networks with data quantization, packet loss and bounded disturbance. An observer-based event-triggered scheme is introduced according to the error between the estimated state at the current time and the latest event-triggered state. The overall designed controller consists of two components, a state observer which is offline designed by using the notion of robust positively invariant (RPI) set, and an online RMPC optimization problem which minimizes the upper bound of the expect value of the infinite horizon performance cost based on the obtained estimated state. Applying the S-procedure and the sufficient conditions of RPI sets, a constraint tightening method of estimated error bound is utilized to ensure the recursive feasibility of RMPC optimization problem. An example is performed to illustrate the availability of the developed technique.

Keyword : Event-triggered, output feedback, packet loss, robust model predictive control (RMPC), robust positively invariant (RPI).

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