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Distributed Repetitive Learning Consensus Control of Mixed-order Linear Periodic Parameterized Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems

Jiaxi Chen and Junmin Li*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 3, pp.897-908, 2022

Abstract : This paper studies the consensus of mixed-order unknown periodic time-vary parameterized nonlinear multi-agent systems over heterogeneous network topology. The follower is represented by a first-order or secondorder periodic parameterized dynamic system, and the leader is presented through a second-order dynamic system. For unknown leader dynamics and bounded input disturbances, a differential adaptive parameter learning law is designed. For unknown periodic time-varying parameters, a repetitive learning law is designed based on the design method of repeated learning. Based on Lyapunov-like stability theory and repetitive learning control method, a new repetitive learning controller is designed and a sufficient condition of consensus for the MAS is also given in this paper. Unlike some existing results, this study is a fully distributed result. Finally, a simulation example is given to verify the effectiveness of this study.

Keyword : Adaptive control, mixed-order, multi-agent systems, repetitive learning, unknown periodic time-varying parameter.

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