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Perfect Manipulation of Open Stochastic Quantum Systems with Imperfect Detection

Ju-Ju Hu, Qiang Ke*, and Ying-Hua Ji
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 3, pp.831-841, 2022

Abstract : Utilizing the homodyne-based feedback control, this paper studies the influence of quantum detection efficiency on the state transfer control of open quantum systems. Under steady state, we give the relations between the feedback control coefficient, detection efficiency and measurement strength. On this basis, we investigate the state transfer under three typical categories of noise: depolarizing channel, amplitude damping channel and phase damping channel in detail. Moreover, we proposed the control strategy which can completely manipulate the stochastic quantum system from an arbitrary initial state to the target eigenstate with fast convergence for the lower or larger detection efficiency in the absence of additional control. We also find that the state transfer of the system can be realized by no-knowledge quantum feedback. Numerical simulation experiments further verify the control scheme can be extended to multi-quantum bit systems.

Keyword : Detection efficiency, homodyne-based feedback control, Lyapunov-based feedback control, open stochastic quantum systems, state transfer.

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