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AGV Motion Balance and Motion Regulation Under Complex Conditions

Yanming Quan, Ma Lei*,Weizhao Chen, and Ronghui Wang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 2, pp.551-563, 2022

Abstract : AGV cargo robot is widely used in flexible production line of intelligent factory. Different conditions for cargo instability occurs in different production line scenarios, different loading conditions and different movement states, which greatly affect the security and reliability of AGV cargo transport. In order to realize the acceleration limits of the buckling critical instability state under different loading and motion states, a multi-sensor sensing system was built on the AGV platform. The inertial measurement unit, pressure sensor and odometer were used to realize the cargo state’s real-time perception and AGV motion state. The pressure sensor and inertial measurement unit were used to measure the cargo gravity center position that affects the carry stability and neural network algorithm training was used to get accurate judgment of different motion states. The kinematic mechanical equilibrium model was established to analyze the relative equilibrium state of AGV and cargo under different motion states and to determine the cargo critical instability acceleration constraint conditions under different transport conditions of different goods. The test results show that the platform can obtain the cargo gravity center position and perceive the AGV motion state in real-time, feedback the acceleration constraint under the current motion state in real-time and regulate the AGV to realize the safe and stable delivery of the cargo at any time under the multi-sensor perception.

Keyword : Complex conditions, critical acceleration, loaded AGV, motion balance, motion control.

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