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Sliding Mode Resilient Control for TOD-based Servo System under DoS Attack

Longyu Xu, Yong Chen*, and Meng Li
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 2, pp.526-535, 2022

Abstract : This article studies the speed tracking control of multi-sensor servo systems with external disturbances and denial of service (DoS) attacks in networked control systems in recent years. A communication protocol-based sliding mode resilient control method is proposed in this paper, which can effectively maintain the servo system with multiple transmission channels to quickly recover to a stable state after being attacked by DoS attacks. Firstly, an observer based on the super-twisting algorithm is proposed to observe and estimate external disturbance. Secondly, for the selection of multiple sensors in networked transmission, a weight-based try-once-discard (TOD) protocol is used for analysis, and the most critical data is selected for transmission. Then, the DoS attack problem modeling in networked control is analyzed and a reaching law-based sliding mode control (SMC) algorithm is designed to perform closed-loop control of the system. Finally, the validity and feasibility of the proposed theory are proved by experiments and simulations.

Keyword : DoS attack, servo systems, SMC, speed tracking control, TOD protocol.

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