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Distributed Security Control for Complex Cyber-physical Systems Against Denial-of-service Attacks

Xiaojie Huang, Da-Wei Ding*, Zhiqiang Li, and Cuijuan An
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 2, pp.421-431, 2022

Abstract : This paper investigates the problem of distributed security control for complex cyber-physical systems against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. A distributed security controller with interconnected control nodes is proposed on the basis of piecewise Lyapunov functions. The bounds of attack frequency and attack duration are explicitly calculated to achieve security synchronization. Meanwhile, an event-based data update strategy is proposed to resist the negative influence of DoS attacks on data transmission. Finally, a simulation example is given to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.

Keyword : Complex dynamical network systems, cyber-physical systems (CPSs), denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, distributed security controller, synchronization.

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