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Adaptive Finite-time Prescribed Performance Control for Stochastic Non-triangular Structure Nonlinear Systems with State-delayed and Unmodeled Dynamics

Yangang Yao, Jieqing Tan*, and Jian Wu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 1, pp.117-127, 2022

Abstract : In this article, the problem of adaptive finite-time prescribed performance control (FTPPC) is discussed for stochastic non-triangular structure time-delay systems. The mean value theorem (MVT) is employed to convert the non-triangular structure systems to the equivalent systems with affine structure. A finite-time performance function (FTPF) is constructed to guarantee that the system achieves the predefined tracking accuracy within a finite time. Combining the FIPF and adaptive neural network (NN) technology, a newly controller is presented, under which both the specified tracking accuracy and convergence time can be ensured, and the whole variables in the closed-loop system are bounded in probability. Simulation results verify the effectiveness and suitability of the scheme.

Keyword : Finite-time control, state delay, stochastic non-triangular structure nonlinear systems, unmodeled dynamics.

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