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Agent System Using Multimodal Interfaces for a Smart Office Environment

Sung-Ill Kim
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 9, no. 2, pp.358-365, 2011

Abstract : This paper presents an experimental study on an agent system with multimodal interfaces for a smart office environment. The agent system is based upon multimodal interfaces such as recognition modules for both speech and pen-mouse gesture, and identification modules for both face and fin-gerprint. For essential modules, speech recognition and synthesis were basically used for a virtual in-teraction between user and system. In this study, a real-time speech recognizer based on a Hidden Markov Network (HM-Net) was incorporated into the proposed system. In addition, identification techniques based on both face and fingerprint were adopted to provide a specific user with the service of a user-customized interaction with security in an office environment. In evaluation, results showed that the proposed system was easy to use and would prove useful in a smart office environment, even though the performance of the speech recognizer was not satisfactory mainly due to noisy environ-ments.

Keyword : Agent system, face recognition, multimodal interface, smart office, speech recognition.

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