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Autonomous Feature Following for Visual Surveillance Using a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Gimbaled Camera System

Deok-Jin Lee, Isaac Kaminer, Vladimir Dobrokhodov, and Kevin Jones
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 8, no. 5, pp.957-966, 2010

Abstract : This paper represents the development of feature following control and distributed navigation algorithms for visual surveillance using a small unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a low-cost imaging sensor unit. An efficient map-based feature generation and following control algorithm is de-veloped to make an onboard imaging sensor to track a target. An efficient navigation system is also de-signed for real-time position and velocity estimates of the unmanned aircraft, which is used as inputs for the path following controller. The performance of the proposed autonomous path following capabil-ity with a stabilized gimbaled camera onboard a small unmanned aerial robot is demonstrated through flight tests with application to target tracking for real-time visual surveillance.

Keyword : Autonomous navigation, imaging sensors, path following control, real-time visual surveillance, stabilized gimbaled camera, unmanned aerial robots.

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