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Guest Editorial on Special Section on Advances in Intelligent Visual Surveillance Systems

Seong G. Kong, Jin Young Choi, Mongi Abidi
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 8, no. 5, pp.925-925, 2010

Abstract : Visual surveillance refers to real-time observation of objects of interests in a video scene such as people or vehicles to find a description of their behaviors. Growing demands for high-level security and safety in commercial, law enforcement, and military applications has led to active research to build intelligent surveillance systems that perform with minimal manual reconfiguration. Such systems should be robust and adaptable enough to cope with variations in the environments such as illumination, scene geometry or scene activity. Visual surveillance technology has demonstrated effectiveness to measure traffic flow, detect accidents on highways, monitor pedestrian congestion in public spaces, compile consumer demographics in a shopping mall, log routine maintenance tasks in nuclear facilities, and count endangered species. Military applications include patrolling national borders, measuring the flow of refugees in troubled areas, monitoring peace treaties, and providing secure perimeters around military bases. Despite several excellent special issues focusing on visual surveillance that were published over the past decade, there has been a demand for an issue that covers practical aspects of real-world intelligent visual surveillance systems. This special section aims at putting together recent advances in computer vision, pattern analysis, and computational intelligence for real-world applications of intelligent visual surveillance. This special section presents six papers that cover a broad spectrum of intelligent visual surveillance techniques such as moving object detection, object tracking from stationary and moving camera platforms, recognition and classification of object classes, human motion analysis, distributed multi-sensor visual surveillance systems, and activity understanding.

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