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New Direct Torque Neuro-Fuzzy Control Based SVM-Three Level Inverter-Fed Induction Motor

Toufouti Riad, Benalla Hocine, and Meziane Salima
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 8, no. 2, pp.425-432, 2010

Abstract : In this paper, a novel direct torque neuro-fuzzy control (DTCNF) scheme combining with space voltage modulation (SVM) technique of a three levels inverter is presented. Using neuro-fuzzy technique, the reference space voltage vector can be obtained dynamically in terms of torque error, stator flux error and the angle of stator flux. Compared with conventional direct torque control (C_DTC), in this new technique, the ripples of both torque and flux are reduced remarkable, and switching frequency is maintained constant. Simulation results verify the validity of the proposed method.

Keyword : Direct torque control, induction motor, neuro-fuzzy, space vector modulation, stator flux, three level inverter.

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