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Gain-Scheduled Directional Guidance Controller Design Using a Genetic Algorithm for Automatic Precision Landing

Cheolkeun Ha
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 8, no. 1, pp.107-117, 2010

Abstract : This paper discusses the guidance controller design problem of an aircraft in automatic landing and touchdown flight, subject to dangerous and unpredictable gusts known as wind-shear and to directional crosswind. The associated airplane in the landing flight was statically unstable in this paper. The wind-shear, based on the Dryden gust model, was included in the nonlinear airplane model. A directional guidance control system with gain-scheduling fuzzy logic was proposed in this paper. In fuzzy logic, an even number of exponential membership functions in the output are considered and their shape, decay rate, and scaling factors are optimized using a genetic algorithm. In this control system, the glide slope capture logic and the flare logic were also included for longitudinal and lateral control, respectively. The nonlinear aircraft model simulation illustrated that the proposed guidance control system shows satisfactory performances in accurate touchdowns and is adequately robust to the strong crosswind and wind-shear turbulences.

Keyword : Automatic landing, fuzzy gain-scheduled controller, genetic algorithm, wind shear

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