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Rule-Based Fuzzy-Neural Networks Using the Identification Algorithm of the GA Hybrid Scheme

Ho-Sung Park/Sung-Kwun Oh
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 1, no. 1, pp.101-110, 2003

Abstract : This paper introduces an identification method for nonlinear models in the form of rule-based Fuzzy-Neural Networks (FNN). In this study, the development of the rule-based fuzzy neural networks focuses on the technologies of Computational Intelligence (CI), namely fuzzy sets, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. The FNN modeling and identification environment realizes parameter identification through synergistic usage of clustering techniques, genetic optimization and a complex search method. We use a HCM (Hard C-Means) clustering al-gorithm to determine initial apexes of the membership functions of the information granules used in this fuzzy model. The parameters such as apexes of membership functions, learning rates, and momentum coefficients are then adjusted using the identification algorithm of a GA hybrid scheme. The proposed GA hybrid scheme effectively combines the GA with the improved complex method to guarantee both global optimization and local convergence. An aggregate objective function (performance index) with a weighting factor is introduced to achieve a sound balance between approximation and generalization of the model. According to the selection and adjustment of the weighting factor of this objective function, we reveal how to design a model having sound approximation and generalization abilities. The proposed model is experimented with using several time series data (gas furnace, sewage treatment process, and NOx emission process data from gas turbine power plants).

Keyword : Fuzzy-neural networks, computational intelligence (CI), clustering, GA hybrid scheme, genetic algorithm, improved complex method.

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