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The Design of Sliding Mode Controller wiht Perturbation Estimator Using Observer -Based Fuzzy Adaptive Network

Min Kyu Park/Min Cheol Lee/Seok Jo GO
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 3, no. 2, pp.117-123, 2001

Abstract : To improve control performance of a non-linear system, many other researches have used the sliding mode control algorithm. The sliding mode controller is known to be robust against nonlinear and unmodeled dynamic terms. However, this algorithm raises the inherent chattering caused by excessive switching inputs around the sliding surface. Therefore, in order to solve the chattering problem and improve control performance, this study has developed the sliding mode controller with a perturbation estimator using the observer-based fuzzy adaptive network. The perturbation estimator based on the fuzzy adaptive network generates the control input for compensating unmodeled dynamics terms and disturbance. And, the weighting parameters of the fuzzy adaptive network are updated on-line by adaptive law in order to force the estimation errors to converge to zero. Therefore, the combination of sliding mode control and fuzzy adaptive network gives rise to the robust and intelligent routine. For evaluating control performance of the proposed approach, tracking control simulation is carried out for the hydraulic motion simulator which is a 6-degree of freedom parallel manipulator.

Keyword : sliding mode control, perturbation estimator, observer-based fuzzy adaptive network, weighting parameter, hydraulic

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