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Managing Quality-of-Control and Requirement-of-Bandwidth in Networked Control Systems via Fuzzy Bandwidth Scheduling

Zuxin Li, Wanliang Wang*, and Yunliang Jiang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 7, no. 2, pp.289-296, 2009

Abstract : There is an unavoidable tradeoff between the control performance and the quality of service in networked control systems with resource constraints. To address the impact of network resources availability on requirement of bandwidth (RoB) and quality of control (QoC), an intelligent control ap-proach to dynamic bandwidth management, namely fuzzy bandwidth management, is proposed based on fuzzy logic control technique. In order to guarantee the system’s stability, the lower and upper bound of the assignable bandwidth are evaluated in terms of linear matrix inequalities and the resource constraints, respectively. In addition, the normalizable criterions of QoC and RoB are also defined, which can estimate the performance of the whole networked control systems. Preliminary simulations are carried out to highlight the merits of the proposed approach. It is argued that the proposed approach can save significant bandwidth and simultaneously improve overall control performance in comparison with the fixed bandwidth allocation and optimal bandwidth allocation.

Keyword : Fuzzy bandwidth management, networked control systems, quality of control, requirement of bandwidth.

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