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Robust High Gain Adaptive Output Feedback Control for Nonlinear Systems with Uncertain Nonlinearities in Control Input Term

Ryuji Michino/ Ikuro Mizumoto/Zenta Iwai/Makoto Kumon
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 1, no. 1, pp.19-27, 2003

Abstract : It is well known that one can easily design a high-gain adaptive output feedback control for a class of nonlinear systems which satisfy a certain condition called output feedback exponential passivity (OFEP). The designed high-gain adaptive controller has simple structure and high robustness with regard to bounded disturbances and unknown order of the controlled system. However, from the viewpoint of practical application, it is important to consider a robust control scheme for controlled systems for which some of the assumptions of output feedback stabilization are not valid. In this paper, we design a robust high-gain adaptive output feedback control for the OFEP nonlinear systems with uncertain nonlinearities and/or disturbances. The effectiveness of the proposed method is shown by numerical simulations.

Keyword : Adaptive control, high gain output feedback control, uncertain nonlinearity, nonlinear systems.

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