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A Novel Stabilizing Control for Neural Nonlinear Systems with Time Delays by State and Dynamic Output Feedback

Mei-Qin Liu and Hui-Fang Wang*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 6, no. 1, pp.24-34, 2008

Abstract : A novel neural network model, termed the standard neural network model (SNNM), similar to the nominal model in linear robust control theory, is suggested to facilitate the synthesis of controllers for delayed (or non-delayed) nonlinear systems composed of neural networks. The model is composed of a linear dynamic system and a bounded static delayed (or non-delayed) nonlinear operator. Based on the global asymptotic stability analysis of SNNMs, Static state-feedback controller and dynamic output feedback controller are designed for the SNNMs to stabilize the closed-loop systems, respectively. The control design equations are shown to be a set of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) which can be easily solved by various convex optimization algorithms to determine the control signals. Most neural-network-based nonlinear systems with time delays or without time delays can be transformed into the SNNMs for controller synthesis in a unified way. Two application examples are given where the SNNMs are employed to synthesize the feedback stabilizing controllers for an SISO nonlinear system modeled by the neural network, and for a chaotic neural network, respectively. Through these examples, it is demonstrated that the SNNM not only makes controller synthesis of neural-network-based systems much easier, but also provides a new approach to the synthesis of the controllers for the other type of nonlinear systems.

Keyword : Asymptotic stability, chaotic neural network, feedback control, linear matrix inequality (LMI), nonlinear system, standard neural network model (SNNM), time delay.

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