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Intelligent Steering Control System Based on Voice Instructions

Ki-Yeol Seo, Se-Woong Oh, Sang-Hyun Suh, and Gyei-Kark Park
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 5, no. 5, pp.539-546, 2007

Abstract : The important field of research in ship operation is related to the high efficiency of transportation, the convenience of maneuvering ships and the safety of navigation. For these purposes, many intelligent technologies for ship automation have been required and studied. In this paper, we propose an intelligent voice instruction-based learning (VIBL) method and discuss the building of a ship’s steering control system based on this method. The VIBL system concretely consists of two functions: a text conversion function where an instructor’s inputted voice is recognized and converted to text, and a linguistic instruction based learning function where the text instruction is understood through a searching process of given meaning elements. As a study method, the fuzzy theory is adopted to build maneuvering models of steersmen and then the existing LIBL is improved and combined with the voice recognition technology to propose the VIBL. The ship steering control system combined with VIBL is tested in a ship maneuvering simulator and its validity is shown.

Keyword : Fuzzy inference, intelligent steering control system, LIBL, VIBL.

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