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Control of Distributed Micro Air Vehicles for Varying Topologies

Daniel James Collins / Arvin Agah
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 4, no. 2, pp.176-186, 2002

Abstract : This paper focuses on the study of simulation and evolution of Micro Air Vehicles. Micro Air Vehicles or MAVs are small flying robots that are used for surveillance, search and rescue, and other missions. The simulated robots are designed based on realistic characteristics and the brains (controllers) of the robots are generated using genetic algorithms, i.e., simulated evolution. The objective for the experiments is to investigate the effects of robot team size and topology (simulation environment) on the evolution of simulated robots. The testing of team sizes deals with finding an ideal number of robots to be deployed for a given mission. The goal of the topology experiments is to see if there is an ideal topology (environment) to evolve the robots in order to increase their utility in most environments. We compare the results of the various experiments by evaluating the fitness values of the robots i.e., performance measure. In addition, evolved robot teams are tested in different situation in order to determine if the results can be generalized, and statistical analysis is performed to evaluate the evolved results.

Keyword : robot control, flying robots, micro air vehicles, evolutionary robotics, distributed robotics, genetic algorithms

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