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Design of Optimal Fuzzy Logic based PI Controller using Multiple Tabu Search Algorithm for Load Frequency Control

Saravuth Pothiya, Issarachai Ngamroo, Suwan Runggeratigul, and Prinya Tantaswadi
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 4, no. 2, pp.155-164, 2006

Abstract : This paper focuses on a new optimization technique of a fuzzy logic based proportional integral (FLPI) load frequency controller by the multiple tabu search (MTS) algorithm. Conventionally, the membership functions and control rules of fuzzy logic control are obtained by trial and error method or experiences of designers. To overcome this problem, the MTS algorithm is proposed to simultaneously tune proportional integral gains, the membership functions and control rules of a FLPI load frequency controller in order to minimize the frequency deviations of the interconnected power system against load disturbances. The MTS algorithm introduces additional techniques for improvement of the search process such as initialization, adaptive search, multiple searches, crossover and restart process. Simulation results explicitly show that the performance of the proposed FLPI controller is superior to conventional PI and FLPI controllers in terms of overshoot and settling time. Furthermore, the robustness of the proposed FLPI controller under variation of system parameters and load change are higher than that of conventional PI and FLPI controllers.

Keyword : Fuzzy logic, load frequency control, power system control, tabu search.

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