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Partially Mode-dependent Asynchronous Filtering of T-S Fuzzy MSRSNSs with Parameter Uncertainty

Xia Zhou*, Lulu Chen, Jun Cheng, and Kaibo Shi
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 1, pp.298-309, 2022

Abstract : The issue of fuzzy filtering for Markov switching repeat scalar nonlinear systems (MSRSNSs) with parameter uncertainty is explored. With consideration of uncertainty, a more general class of MSRSNSs is inferred. By resorting to a hidden Markov model technique, the asynchronous partially mode-dependent filter is established, in which the filter modes operate asynchronously with the target plant ones. By constructing the diagonally dominanttype Lyapunov functional, sufficient conditions are derived to ensure that the filtering error MSRSNS is stochastically stable with a desired H∞ performance index. Two simulation examples are given to validate the correctness and applicability of the presented theoretical results.

Keyword : Hidden Markov model, Markov switching systems, parameter uncertainty, repeated scalar nonlinear systems.

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