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Multi-objective Adaptive Evolutionary Algorithm to Enhance Voltage Stability in Power Systems

Sidnei Nascimento and Maury M. Gouvêa Jr.*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 7, pp.2596-2610, 2021

Abstract : Problems with two or more conflicting objectives have been handled as needing a multi-objective approach in recent years. The solution for these types of problems is normally to satisfy the conflicting objectives simultaneously in order to find tradeoffs between different criteria. Optimization in power systems is an important example of how to tackle multi-objective problems since these systems have conflicting performance indicators and normally operate close to their constraints due to the continuous increase in demand. In this paper, a multi-objective approach is applied to the voltage stability problem in power systems by using an adaptive evolutionary algorithm. The proposed method regards examining the following stability indicators of power systems: the voltage profile, the total reactive power loss, and the voltage collapse margin as requiring a multi-objective approach. Several experiments were conducted in IEEE 14, 57, and 118 busbar systems by using the proposed method and other probabilistic and heuristic optimization methods. The results showed that the proposed adaptive evolutionary algorithm enhanced the voltage stability and outperformed the other methods, especially when the size of the power system increases.

Keyword : Evolutionary algorithm, FACTS devices, multi-objective optimization, voltage collapse, voltage stability.

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