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Flatfish Measurement Performance Improvement Based on Multi-sensor Data Fusion

Kang Hyun Hwang, Chang Ho Yu, and Jae Weon Choi*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 5, pp.1988-1997, 2021

Abstract : In this study, a multi-sensor data fusion system using a load cell and vision sensor was considered in the development of a flatfish classifier for systematic fish management in aquaculture. In the single-sensor measurement method, each sensor has disadvantages. A load cell shows high performance in the measurement of adult fish, but the measurement of fry is affected significantly due to water weight (water weight disturbance). A vision sensor shows high performance in the measurement of fry, but the movement of fish (movement disturbance) affects the accurate measurement of adult fish. Therefore, in this study, these disturbances were compensated for using a data fusion algorithm, of which the performance was evaluated by a comparison between single sensor measurements and multi-sensor data fusion results.

Keyword : Data fusion, flatfish classifier, load cell, model flatfish, vision sensor

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