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Adaptive Reinforcement Learning Strategy with Sliding Mode Control for Unknown and Disturbed Wheeled Inverted Pendulum

Phuong Nam Dao* and Yen-Chen Liu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 2, pp.1139-1150, 2021

Abstract : This paper develops a novel adaptive integral sliding-mode control (SMC) technique to improve the tracking performance of a wheeled inverted pendulum (WIP) system, which belongs to a class of continuous time systems with input disturbance and/or unknown parameters. The proposed algorithm is established based on an integrating between the advantage of online adaptive reinforcement learning control and the high robustness of integral sliding-mode control (SMC) law. The main objective is to find a general structure of integral sliding mode control law that can guarantee the system state reaching a sliding surface in finite time. An adaptive/approximate optimal control based on the approximate/adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) is responsible for the asymptotic stability of the closed loop system. Furthermore, the convergence possibility of proposed output feedback optimal control was determined without the convergence of additional state observer. Finally, the theoretical analysis and simulation results validate the performance of the proposed control structure.

Keyword : Adaptive reinforcement learning control, approximate/adaptive dynamic programming (ADP), integral sliding mode control (SMC), output feedback control, wheeled inverted pendulum (WIP).

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