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Dissolved Oxygen Model Predictive Control for Activated Sludge Process Model Based on the Fuzzy C-means Cluster Algorithm

Minghe Li, Saifei Hu, Jianwei Xia, Jing Wang*, Xiaona Song, and Hao Shen
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 9, pp.2435-2444, 2020

Abstract : In this work, the problem of predictive control of dissolved oxygen for the activated sludge process model with high nonlinearity and strong coupling is addressed. Firstly, the determination of the structure of fuzzy rules is displayed established upon Activated sludge model 1 (ASM1). Besides, the fuzzy space is divided through the clustering algorithm of fuzzy C-means. The corresponding parameters are estimated by means of the wellknown least squares method. Subsequently, a fuzzy predictive model of dissolved oxygen is established by using the historical data. The aim is to design a predictive controller that is capable of performing the online track of dissolved oxygen attributed to better dynamic response and steadier output in different weather. Ultimately, the availability and validity of the developed technique are verified by a comparison example.

Keyword : Activated sludge model 1, dissolved oxygen control, fuzzy model, predictive control.

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