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Non-fragile Suboptimal Set-membership Estimation for Delayed Memristive Neural Networks with Quantization via Maximum-error-first Protocol

Yu Yang, Jun Hu*, Dongyan Chen, Yunliang Wei, and Junhua Du
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 7, pp.1904-1914, 2020

Abstract : This paper is concerned with the non-fragile protocol-based set-membership estimation problem for a class of discrete memristive neural networks (MNNs) with mixed time-delays, quantization and unknown but bounded noises. The nonlinear neural activation function satisfies the sector-bounded condition and the logarithmic quantization error is transformed to the norm-bounded uncertainty. In order to save the networks resources, the maximum-error-first (MEF) protocol is introduced to allocate the utilization order of the network channel. The focus is on the design of non-fragile state estimator to ensure such that, in the simultaneous presence of the mixed time-delays, quantization errors and estimator gain perturbations, real state is confined to the ellipsoid. In particular, a minimization problem is given to determine the radius of the designed ellipsoid and the estimator gain matrix by testifying the feasibility of some recursive matrix inequalities. Finally, some simulations are used to show the feasibility of the developed non-fragile suboptimal state estimation strategy.

Keyword : Convex optimization, logarithmic quantization, maximum-error-first protocol, memristive neural networks, mixed time-delays, set-membership state estimation

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