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Streamlined Rotors Mini Rotorcraft : Trajectory Generation and Tracking

Lotfi Beji and Azgal Abichou
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 3, no. 1, pp.87-99, 2005

Abstract : We present in this paper the stabilization (tracking) with motion planning of the six independent configurations of a mini unmanned areal vehicle equipped with four streamlined rotors. Naturally, the yaw-dynamic can be stabilized without difficulties and independently of other motions. The remaining dynamics are linearly approximated around a small roll and pitch angles. It will be shown that the system presents a flat output that is likely to be useful in the motion generation problem. The tracking feedback controller is based on receding horizon point to point steering. The resulting controller involves the lift (collective) time derivative for what flatness and feedback linearization are used. Simulation tests are performed to progress in a region with approximatively ten-meter-buildings.

Keyword : Mini-UAV, tracking control, flatness, motion planning.

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