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Dynamic Stability Enhancement Using Fuzzy PID Control Technology for Power System

Khaled Eltag, Muhammad Shamrooz Aslam*, and Rizwan Ullah
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 1, pp.234-242, 2019

Abstract : "This article presents Fuzzy Particle Swarm Optimization of PID controller PSO-FPIDC used as a Conventional Power System Stabilizer CPSS to improve the dynamic stability performance of generating unit during low frequency oscillations. Speed deviation Δw and acceleration Δw˙ of synchronous generator are taken as input to the PSO-FPIDC controller connected to Single Machine Infinite Busbar SMIB system. This controller examined under different perturbation scenarios. The dynamic performance of the PSO-FPIDC is compared with the Fuzzy Teacher Learner Based Optimization PID TLBO-FPIDC, PSO-PID, TLBO-PID and optimal parameters of convectional Power System Stabilizer CPSS. The results show that the performance of PSO-FPIDC has small overshoot/ undershoot and damp out lower frequency oscillations very quickly as compared to other controllers."

Keyword : Dynamic stability, fuzzy PID control, power system stabilizer, PSO, single machine infinite bus, TLBO.

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