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A Novel Soft Computing Technique for the Shortcoming of the Polynomial Neural Network

Dongwon Kim, Sung-Hoe Huh, Sam-Jun Seo, and Gwi-Tae Park
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 2, no. 2, pp.189-200, 2004

Abstract : In this paper, we introduce a new soft computing technique that dwells on the ideas of combining fuzzy rules in a fuzzy system with polynomial neural networks (PNN). The PNN is a flexible neural architecture whose structure is developed through the modeling process. Unfortunately, the PNN has a fatal drawback in that it cannot be constructed for nonlinear systems with only a small amount of input variables. To overcome this limitation in the conventional PNN, we employed one of three principal soft computing components such as a fuzzy system. As such, a space of input variables is partitioned into several subspaces by the fuzzy system and these subspaces are utilized as new input variables to the PNN architecture. The proposed soft computing technique is achieved by merging the fuzzy system and the PNN into one unified framework. As a result, we can find a workable synergistic environment and the main characteristics of the two modeling techniques are harmonized. Thus, the pro-posed method alleviates the problems of PNN while providing superb performance. Identifi-cation results of the three-input nonlinear static function and nonlinear system with two inputs will be demonstrated to demonstrate the performance of the proposed approach.

Keyword : Fuzzy system, nonlinear system modeling, soft computing technique, unified framework, polynomial neural network.

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