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A Fuzzy Logic for Autonomous Navigation of Marine Vehicles Satisfying COLREG Guidelines

Sang-Min Lee, Kyung-Yub Kwon, and Joongseon Joh*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 2, no. 2, pp.171-181, 2004

Abstract : An autonomous navigation algorithm for marine vehicles is proposed in this paper using fuzzy logic under COLREG guidelines. The VFF (Virtual Force Field) method, which is widely used in the field of mobile robotics, is modified for application to the autonomous navigation of marine vehicles. This Modified Virtual Force Field (MVFF) method can be used in either track-keeping or collision avoidance modes. Moreover, the operator can select a track-keeping pattern mode in the proposed algorithm. The collision avoidance algorithm has the ability to handle static and/or moving obstacles. The fuzzy expert rules are designed deliberately under COLREG guidelines. An extensive simulation study is used to verify the proposed method.

Keyword : Modified virtual force field, collision avoidance, marine vehicles, fuzzy logic, moving obstacles, COLREG.

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